Public and School Murals 2005-2010 > Auditorium Mural

The auditorium at Pulaski Fine Arts Academy was in dire need of a makeover. The walls had been painted a dull color, and had faded and sullied over the years. Worn prints of well-known paintings in American art history had attempted to uplift the room, but had bleached over the years and were doing more harm than good. To top it off, the trim around the room had been painted a very bright kelley green, and it didn't match the surroundings. My after school Extreme School Makeover class had a big task at hand, to restore beauty and elegance to this deserving public space at the school.

We made over the room in two parts: first repainting the base coats in a warmer tone to match the dark wood elements in the room, and overlaying a ragging faux finish to give it a deeper, richer look. Next, we added a mural component, using our own interpretations of design for foliage and flowers. The green we added helped to unify the bright trim (which we could not re-paint), and the final product proved highly successful in giving new life and fresh breath to this dear auditorium.

This project took about 16 weeks, meeting twice a week after school for 1.5 hours.